Late Shri Mahendra Kumar


It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to S.D. College Commerce. While Education, Training and Research are going through a phase of total metamorphism, recognizing and managing shifting paradigms, with the help of the enormous leaps of technology, is the need of the hour. Our vision is to create an Institution par excellence, for imparting quality management education and sharing knowledge with all of you..

Knowledge empowers the individual and accelerates his development and ensures that he commands an enhanced level of respect in society. Knowledge also enables the individual to contribute to the process of national development while being a source for wealth creation. In the society that we live in today, there is knowledge explosion every moment all over the world.

Analyzing and understanding the emerging challenges is the prime function of today’s managers. To do this, they require keen perception, flexibility and the ability to merge management theories into action plans.

Spirit of innovation, achievement and intellectual adventure emerge where best faculty and dynamic group of students work together with commitment towards global excellence is all about SDCC way of learning.

To meet the challenges of turning the dreams in to a reality, the management has been directed to work hard with all efforts to make SDCC. a distinguished educational institution.

Let it be my privilege to welcome you again to the world of S.D.C.C..

"Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before"

Shri Mahendra Kumar (Advocate)